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Bluetooth Radar is WPF 4.0 application built in Visual Studio 2010 (RTM) and based on shared source library.

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In the past couple of years Bluetooth become an important protocol for computers and mobile devices, many times I find my self need to transfer an Image or Song to my device and What is the Best way for that? ..:: Bluetooth ::..
You may plug a cable between your device and computer but why to bother when you can use Bluetooth to transfer those items between you computer and mobile device much more faster and easier.

Version 2.2

  • Add Settings window
  • Get installed services on the device
  • Check if Object Exchange is installed and changed properties.
  • Add Windows Bluetooth search window.
  • Add Setup Project

Version 2.1

  • Bug Fix
  • Support more devices
  • Current device information panel.

Version 2.0

  • Send files to Bluetooth devices.
  • Add Project icon
  • Add Bluetooth detection mode (Auto close application is there is no bluetooth device available)
  • Drag window

Version 1.9

  • Change Search and Close Icons
  • Add Device Detail View

Version 1.8

  • Randomly placed devices on UI
  • ZIndex changes when mouse enter\leave

Version 1.7

  • UI Changes
  • Device UserControl
  • Devices are placed based on square structure on the Radar.

Version 1.5

  • Add Radar UI

Version 1


Coming Next

You Tell Me, just say what you want and I'll work on it.

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